For the unveiling of the new Gallardo at the Paris Motor Show we were asked by MPC Creative to create this fully CG animation.

Lamborghini sent us the CAD data to be cleaned up and converted, itself a daunting task given the sheer number of parts to deal with. Meanwhile we started testing different camera moves and angles using stand-in engine parts, enabling us to build up a selection of shots that could be edited into a suitable film.

Once the director was happy with the edit, we proceeded to swap out stand-ins with the actual cleaned up car parts, and fully texture and shade these.

We rigged up a particle mechanism to enable the implosion effect so that all the parts would find their correct position while still leaving us the freedom to change the timings and speed ramps, and keep updating the individual elements.

We lit and rendered the shots and composited all the elements before finally sending it off to MPC for final grading.